Hey Everybody,

The first three sundays of october (5, 12 and 19), we'll be playing five shows in hometown Gent to promote the upcoming album 'Summergirls' (already available on itunes). Each show is set in a different park located across town. We'll be using the sun as our main power supply (figuratively and literally). So bring some beers, have a picknick, a barbecue,... And come listen to Tiger lili's solar driven summertunes at one of the locations. We promise you won't be disappointed.

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Album 'summergirls' now available in stores!

Tiger Lili is a bunch of great musicians brought together by singer-songwriter Ben Van Camp. The first single he bought when he was a teenager was 'Justify My Love' by Madonna ; a dark, sexy song written by Lenny Kravitz. There's no such thing as coincidence.
At the Antwerp Jazz Studio, Ben spend some years trying hard to explore a vast variety of exotic scales, but since then he has truly broadened his musical horizons. He was a singer and a guitarist in several bands, but with Tiger Lili he's definitely showing his true self: bringing sensitive, often strong autobiographic songs, with transatlantic influences of artists like G. Love, Jack Johnson, Ben Harper... Americana in a cruisin' convertible on a hot sunny day, and at night, in concert: swaying hips, groovy guitars & sweet lovesongs.


Contact/management :

Filippe Van de Craen
tel: +32472/53.33.93                     follow TL on : TL on vi.be TL on facebook TL on myspace



Tom Van Dingenen:


02/08/2014. Dioniss festival, St.-denijs-westrem - 18:30
23/08/2014. St. Amandsberg (private)
24/08/2014. Oostende (private)
05/10 Keizerpark, Gent - 12:00
05/10 Muinkpark, Gent - 16:00
12/10 Rozebroeken, Gent - 12:00
19/10 Veergrep buurttuin, Gent - 12:00
19/10 Meulestee, Gent - 16:00
14/11 Charlatan, Gent - 22:00